There is no cure of Autism

Contrary to popular belief, there is truly no cure for autism.  There are currently many therapies or treatments that either dampen the symptoms, teach autistics to ignore their tendencies and act like a neurotypical, or teach autistics the rules and necessary information to interact with a socially equipped world.  However, none of these take away autism because autism is part of a person.  It is a neurological and developmental difference that cannot simply be cured with diets, drugs, or behavioral therapy.  It is much too complex for that.


But don’t we need a cure?

No, there is absolutely no need for a cure.  Many parent advocates believe that there child lives a miserable life because they are not normal and the parent is unhappy with the child.  However, a great many of them have never really asked their child’s opinion.  If they did, they would find that the great majority of autistics do not wish to be cured of autism as they find it to be an integral part of their personality.  They probably would admit that there are certain parts about their autism that they would like to change, but they would much rather keep their annoying tendencies than completely eradicate themselves of a large part of who they are.  Some people believe that they need a cure because they are depressed.  However, they do not realize that the majority of this depression stems from the social inequalities and discrimination they must face each day.  Depression is not an inherent sign of autism but a social consequence.


So what do we do about autistics?

Like many others before them, they are a group that is oppressed because they are different.  Each of these past oppressed groups (women, homosexuals) have fought for the right to have an equal part in society with the same benefits and accommodations as others.   They are different group of people, but others need to realize that different is not necessarily bad.  Many of the most famous people were very different and that is the main reason they made a difference in the world.  If they weren’t different, they would be just like everyone else.

It is important to treat each person as a unique individual.  Just like snowflakes, each one is created differently and each one has its own weight to offer to the world.  This means accepting them as they are an allowing them to live without the discrimination that can easily push them into depression.

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