Being an Autistic’s Friend- Joel

Here are a few key points and things to keep in mind from an autistic perspective when making autistic friends (a link to the full article is listed below)

  1. Be clear
  2. We don’t always understand social rules
  3. We don’t like crowds!
  4. Don’t be easily offended
  5. Sometimes we just want to be a lone
  6. You are strange to Us!
  7. I can see and hear fine!
  8. Let us be Autistic!
  9. Help me when I ask
  10. Ask us questions
  11. Allow us alternative forms of communication
  12. Let us be silent
  13. Don’t ignore us
  14. Our past
  15. Forgive us



To read the full article, please visit – http://www.geocities.com/growingjoel/friendship.html

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