Whether you are a newly diagnosed autistic, a self diagnosed autistic, or someone who has grown up knowing about autism, you probably realized that you were very different at a young age.  These differences didn’t make sense to you because no one could tell you why you were different.  We have found that most autistics report a great sense of relief in finding out that they are autistic.  However, the social consequences of being autistic are tough to deal with.  Although you may have already figured out what lifestyle changes and support groups work for you personally, we hope you can use the resources below to reach out to the community and hopefully learn more about yourself as well!

A few excellent resources that we would recommend to you are:

  • Websites






  • Books

-Through the Eyes of Aliens: A Book About Autistic People- Jasmine Lee O’Neill

-Aquamarine Blue 5; Personal Stories of College Students with Autism- Edited by Dawn Prince-Hughes

-Freaks, Geeks, and Aspergers Syndrome : A User Guide to Adolescence– Luke Jackson

  • Other authors to read

-Jim Sinclair
-Amanda Baggs
-Frank Klein
-Temple Grandin

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