I am a senior majoring in Psychology and getting a certificate in Global Health.  I am planning to become a Physician Assistant and hope to have a specialty or general practice in pediatrics.  I have been very involved in different organizations my entire life including 4-H, Girl Scouts, and UW-HOSA.  Each one has consistently taught me to be accepting of those who are different and to constantly keep an open mind.  I have seen many new perspectives pass me by and I have picked up on a lot of them that seemed rational.

I took this course in order to complete my Psychology degree and was surprised by the challenge an online course such as this presented.  I realized some of the values I take for granted every day and tried to find new ways to creatively communicate what I wanted to say.

I hope you enjoyed our site and find it helpful whether you are autistic, have a friend, child, parent or cousin who is autistic, are a teacher of autistic, or are just someone who wants to learn more about autism and the challenges it is currently facing.

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